Thursday, February 25, 2010

never before seen....

Is it really February almost over? Well, It must be. My February photo file is just busting at the seams. And while looking through my photos for the month, I found some that escaped my blog that I am just loving....even the one of myself. So, as a treat, I thought I would share.

These days, I am finding that more and more I am reaching for my SLR camera rather than my p&s. The result is much prettier photos. And in a couple months, I will be pulling my hair out when I am trying to pick which ones I want to scrapbook. I am about a year behind in my scrapbooking, and I am trying out a new system of not printing anything until I need it. I am hoping that this results in a lot less photos that are sitting around not being scrapbooked because I have no earthly idea why I printed them....

But these photos, will most likely be on the top of my printing list for February:

Happy Thursday!

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