Friday, February 26, 2010

before and after

You know how when you go to someone's house, see some cool stuff, and then you come home and your house looks not so awesome? Well, after visiting some of our family and friends this past vacation, my mind has been on re-decoration overdrive since we got home.

I already re-arranged Paige's room. I did that on Sunday afternoon. And, it's MUCH better.

Then, I took a look at our family room/great room. It's so BORING. We already painted. New furniture is not in our budget. How about some new draperies? Yes, we can do that.

I know that Eric doesn't think so, but man oh man, adding some draperies to a room really makes a difference.

Here is the before:

And now, the after:
MUCH BETTER don't you think?

In case you are wondering - the clock on the sofa table is broken, so it's always 10 o'clock in the front room.

I am now reviewing paint colors for the kitchen. I am just doing an accent wall. It's probably going to be red. I am a little scared, but I am just going to dig in and do it.

And incidentally, it looks like this outside.Have a great may be seeing more before and after on Monday. I think I may be making a paint run to Lowes later on......

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Robert said...

I think you should change the clock on the table to read 5:00. That way you could have a cocktail at anytime of day - guilt free. "It's 5 o'clock somewhere!"