Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Daily Adventures of Paige

This is Paige's new baby. Paige is obsessed with babies. And they don't have to be in doll form - obviously. You have seen her with the marshmallows. This particular baby she "built" all by herself. She had been dragging the Pink Lego box of Emily's all around with her this morning, begging me to open it. I finally relented and let her play with the contents. First thing she did was build this baby.

She even put in in the little Lego house - built at an earlier time by Emily.

When she tried to put the "Mommy" Lego piece in with the baby, and it didn't fit, Paige sort of threw a fit.

And then was cross with me for documenting it all on camera.

So she hid.

But not for long.

And the happy, go lucky kid returned.

Later on, after I put away the camera she took the Lego baby downstairs, put it in her shopping cart - swaddled up in her bunny blankie - and took it for a walk. She and the Lego baby sat with me as I made some salsa, sneaking tomatoes out of the bowl for both her and the baby. She even tried to sneak some jalapeno, and ended up burning her lips before I saw what she was doing. "Mommy, dats too spicy for me!"

She and the Lego baby had lunch together. The Lego baby, according to Paige, does not like turkey. "She wikes da cheese."

She wanted to take a nap with the Lego baby, but I told her that she was much too fragile. Amazingly, she was OK with that.

This kid. I am so OK with her.

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MAry-Frances said...

Cute toes Paige!!!