Tuesday, February 2, 2010

cute girls

I truly think that taking pictures - GOOD pictures - is like a drug. Once you get one REALLY good shot, you cannot stop. I am forever trying to get the next REALLY good shot. And sometimes, I really annoy my subjects. I know you are going to be shocked by this...but I had to BRIBE and THREATEN Emily to take this one picture.

But the upshot is this: Paige could not be outdone by her BIG sister, so SHE felt the need to be a part of things. Usually, she wants nothing to do with the camera. Yesterday, I got lucky.

OH MY GOODNESS, how Paige LOVES her big sister. She wants to be just like her. If Emily is wearing boots, Paige wants to wear them too. If Emily is acting crazy at dinnertime, you can multiply that also by TWO.

When Emily is at school - there's pretty much only one place she wants to be...Emily's room. I found her there this morning - she snuck in while I was indisposed - rocking out with the microphone.

I've been spotted......
Have a LOVELY day!

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