Monday, September 7, 2009

'twas the night before 1st grade.....

Just a few more hours left until my Emily gets on the bus and is whisked away to her very first day of FIRST GRADE. Her backpack is filled with all her school supplies. Her lunch box is on the counter, ready to be filled up. Her first day outfit is hanging on her closet door. And, the big first grader herself, is sleeping - after a whirlwind week of last minute summer activity.

A few pictures from the past few days:

On Friday, we took our last trip - for this summer season - to Eastwood Beach at Stoney Creek park. The kids played in the water and sand and had a blast.

My Paige is so good - she already knows the most valuable part of the Sunday paper - the TARGET ad.

Riding cars with Jenna yesterday. If you look back at last year's post - you can see a very similar picture on the last day of summer vacation.

Today, we made chalk outlines of the neighborhood kids. They colored themselves in - even Paige. But she was in no mood for pictures - so here's Emily.

Then we filled up over 100 water balloons - the last of our stash for the summer - and let the kids have at it.

After that, the thunder and lightning came around. We came inside, settled down, had dinner, got ready for bed and wished Summer 2009 a tearful goodbye. Looking forward to Summer 2010!!!!

I will be posting first day pictures tomorrow - check back!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hope Emily has a great first day of school! Summer sure did go fast. Hard to believe how grown everyone is so nice to watch them grow up!