Thursday, September 10, 2009

a few photos

Paige "helped" me make cupcakes for Emily - a special treat for the first day of school. Paige is not a big fan of the actual cupcake - she's a frosting girl - but she was a big fan of the beaters.

The second day of school. Emily's backpack was so loaded with stuff that her lunchbox would not fit. "No big deal, Mom, I'll carry it." Then of course she walked out the front door without it. Luckily, my brain was functioning, I did a quick re-arranging of her backpack, found room for her lunchbox - after I removed a box of tissue - and we were off.

BTW - she LOVES her teacher. She LOVES 1st grade. She practically JUMPS out of bed each morning. I know this excitement will wear off soon, but we are enjoying it while it lasts.

I met her teacher tonight at the Open house. And yes, it's true - this year will bring forth some challenges. But good ones. Her teacher is quite good, very experienced and organized. Yea 1st grade!!!

Paige insists on bringing ALL this stuff with her to the bus stop each morning. A baby, a bunny AND her purse. She also insisted on wearing her necklace. Quite fashionable, don't ya think?

Have a great weekend!!!!

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