Monday, September 1, 2008

The Day Before

I just finished putting the girls to bed - the earliest that they have gone to bed in a long time.  It is the night before school.  And, although Emily does not have to be at the bus stop until 11:35 am, we all have to get up early so that we can eat breakfast in order to be ready for an early lunch.  Plus, it's the first day of school - it's just WRONG to sleep in.

We hung around the house this weekend.  Nothing too exciting.  Emily played with all her neighborhood friends, and we painted the downstairs hallway.  The above picture is Emily with the tape ball Daddy always makes after a paint project.

I really like the color and am very excited to have someone come and finish the rest - the ceilings in the front entry way are way too high for us to reach, so we are leaving that to the professionals.  If you look behind Paige - with her contraband lollipop - in the picture below, you can see the color.  It's a very dark beige.  Be gone white walls!!

And this little rascal.  If you leave the pantry door open, she's bound to have something that she shouldn't.  Sometimes it's Emily's package of Nerds, or a box of Wheat Thins, Goldfish name it.  

She has a runny nose, and is drooling like there's no tomorrow.  But she is in a pretty good mood, and is still darn cute.  I love that her new thing is that she LOVES to help out.  If you ask her, she will put her blocks back in their bag, put her dirty clothes in the hamper, help me push the clothes basket into the laundry room, close drawers and doors, empty the dishwasher, and bring Max's dishes when we need to fill them with food and water......the water dish that is full of water.  So helpful.

And Emily had a wonderful day playing with Jenna.  They played for hours and hours.  I had to drag a very tired Emily in the house tonight to get ready for bed.  Here they are driving Kyle's F-150.  (Kyle lives across the street - next door to Jenna)

Good bye Summer.

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