Thursday, September 11, 2008

Welcome to School in 2008

First things first - my girls got some very cool shoes yesterday.  I went to the shoe store to get Paige some sneakers, but I could not resist these for Emily...and they were on sale as well.  Double goodness!  I wanted to know if they came in my size.

And these are Paige's new kicks - she slowed down for one second so I could take this picture of ONE shoe.
And just so you know - she does, in fact, share with Max.  She was gladly sharing her morning snack of Cheerios with a camped out doggy.

When Emily got off the bus today she had label sticker on the front of her shirt (see inset picture).  It's a reminder for the parents about Curriculum Night this evening.  Remember when we used to go home with notes pinned to the front of our shirts?  This is a MUCH better invention.  Much less painful.

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