Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kindergarten Take Two

Yesterday, Emily ate her lunch, got cleaned up, loaded up her backpack with all her essentials - folder, snack, sunglasses - got Paige in her stroller, and we were off to the second day of Kindergarten.

Unfortunately, her second day was not to be.  Her bus pulled up to the stop and told us that a water main broke, and the water in the whole area was possibly contaminated, as well as no water pressure.  So that means no PM Kindergarten. Emily was CRUSHED - to say the least. So, all three of us made our way back home.

Today there was school.  YEA!!

Emily enjoying her lunch - a "Panera" lunch of grilled cheese, gogurt, chips and a pickle.

And my troublesome Paige.  I spent most of the morning looking for the baby monitor that we keep in our bedroom.  Paige was playing with it last night - and when I went to bed  I couldn't find it anywhere.  So, this morning, I did a thorough search, and when I was about to send Eric out to the garbage can...there it was in the laundry basket.

Here she is in the pantry, helping herself to a snack.  No lollipops in the morning Paige!

And she has claimed Max's bed as her own.  Poor Max, she eats his food, sleeps on his bed, takes his toys and chases him around.  Of course, all is forgiven when she shares with him.  I think they may just end up being best buds.

Have a great Thursday.  Seriously, it's Thursday already???

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