Thursday, August 27, 2009

why i need to take a nap.....

Emily and Paige were invited to a Tea Party birthday on Tuesday. They needed to wear costumes. Emily wore her dance recital outfit, and Paige wore butterfly wings. They were adorable. So adorable, in fact, that I felt it absolutely necessary to whip out my good old Nikon and take a few pictures of them.

Guess who wasn't in the mood. Well, if you guessed all of us, you would be correct. Paige was not in the mood from the start. Surprise, surprise. Emily is only good for maybe one picture. Yet another shocker. And by the end I was in no mood to deal with either of them at all.

So we left for the Tea Party.

I was left with these......

(They needed to bring stuffed animals as well. Emily, of course, brought Paws. And, Paige stole my purple bear from me.)

At least they stick together, right?
Emily has a bad cough and fever. We have tickets to the ball game on Sunday. Hopefully she is recovered, and they rain stays at bay for the game. It's our last big hurrah of the summer....and Emily's first baseball game experience. I would like it to be a dry experience.

Have a good weekend!!

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