Tuesday, August 25, 2009

someone got a new bed.....

Moving your child from a crib to a bed is supposed to be a very calm, gradual thing. Yeah, not for us. I listed her furniture on Sunday afternoon, had a buyer for all of it Sunday night, watched it get loaded up Monday morning, and by early Monday evening took these pictures.

Yeah, we just don't do things the normal way in this house.

Luckily Paige is used to this.

Her first night - she slept like a champ. We'll have to see if that continues.

The rest of her new furniture is still in boxes. All her stuff that was in her dresser is in a plastic tub. Her bedding will probably be here next week. I have lots of re-arranging to do. I will post some more pictures when it's all done.

(and yes, we do have a side rail for the bed - it lives under the bed when not in use)

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Anonymous said...

What a big girl!!!!!! So hard to believe she is so grown! Hope you guys are well.