Wednesday, August 12, 2009

kinda sorta back

So, I am back. Did you miss me? I am sorry for leaving you all for so long, but I was getting a bit burned out, had nothing that exciting to say, and thought that maybe if I took a break, I would come back a more refreshed blogger. You be the judge.

I have to tell you, right next to me, I have BOTH cordless phones. One belongs here in my office, one belongs in the kitchen...yet here it is, right next to the other one, on my desk. This ever happen to you?

I digress....some photos from the past twelve days:

Max wearing Paige's tiara. What a sport. Emily put it on him. I think he looks pretty.

Paige is attempting to learn to drink from a sippy cup with a straw. Not completely working out.

Water balloon relay race. They would rather just throw them at each other - but for all the time I spent filling them up, I wanted to see them last more than two seconds.

Fountain at George George Park. Again, you CAN'T go in it. Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep my kids OUT?

Squirting Fountains at our outdoor mall. Part of the park hopping day last week.

Paige sitting on her favorite vegetable.

Paige enjoying her push up pop. A bit sour?

Weekly trip to the fruit market. We go on Fridays because of all the free samples....

Free Sample - chargrilled chicken with caesar salad and garlic toast. YUM!!!

We had a monsoonal amount of rain this past week. About 30 minutes after this picture was taken, my daughter was DRENCHED from head to toe from playing in the puddles. What fun!

Paige and Elmo. She was shocked that Elmo was spewing forth water.

Paige LOVES the Little Tikes car.

The girls eating ice cream. Paige started hers from the bottom. Emily had just as much ice cream on her face as Paige. They may be 4.5 years apart...but sometimes, it feel like less.

Emily's new skill of the month - roller skating. We have graduated from knee, elbow and wrist pads, and helmet - to nothing. My klutzy girl - and she's doing GREAT.

And finally - my most favorite layout from the past month. I think it's my favorite, because, i LOVE this picture of Emily.

So, I am BACK. Forgiven? My blogging mojo is still not quite up to par - but I am working on it.

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Linda said...

Missed You! Welcome back.