Thursday, August 13, 2009

this girl....

My Paige is now a full fledged two year old. She is talking up a storm, getting picky about food, throwing tantrums and really learning her spot in this family. AND, she is one of the cutest things ever. So cute, in fact, that even though she can be quite the handful at times, I find myself often wishing I could freeze these moments in our lives, and just live in them a little while longer.

But I can't, so I take lots of pictures, write things down, and try to remember to take time to enjoy all the little things - about BOTH my daughters. Because while Paige is being so dang adorable, Emily is becoming quite the little lady. She has opinions about EVERYTHING, desperately wants to be more and more grown up, and is pulling further away from me everyday. Although, I have noticed lately, she has been coming back to me a little bit more than she used to. The big world out there can be a little's nice to know, Mommy's arms are always open.

Since the language thing is the latest development milestone with Paige, I thought I would share a few Paigey gems:

wook at dis/dat: look at this/that
tawberry: strawberry
bangade: band aid
beeding: bleeding
(band aids and bleeding are very BIG right now - she is constantly telling me she has boo boos. I remember this phase with Emily. We just about bought out the Band Aid aisle at Target)
I wike it: I like it
sower: flower
sit sots: flip flops

ahnee: Emily
bazebawl game: baseball game
hawk: fork

momosikle: motorcycle (Paige is OBSESSED with motorcycles. Please let this be a phase)
bra kee: broccoli
dow cheese: grilled cheese
a bebe: what she says EVERYTIME she sees a baby, toddler or kid
whatcha doin' Mommy: her phrase of the week
I dough no: I don't know - another new phrase this week

wherze Dadee: where's daddy?
and my FAVORITE: I do it Mommy!!

There are LOTS more, but that's just the highlights.

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Eric said...

You forgot "shoe shacks" (fruit snacks).