Tuesday, September 4, 2012

{4th Grade}

So let's just gloss over the fact that only Emily started school today. We'll get to Paige in a minute. Let's focus on my fourth grader this morning.  My Emily Jean was so looking forward to this day - like she does every year. She LOVES school. I know, weird. But, to be perfectly honest, so did I.

She is most excited about going to Lansing - the BIG fourth grade field trip. She is also very excited to try out for the school play.

 And she is looking quite the grown up girl to me this morning. Since we had lots of hoopla in the house this morning - i'll get to that - she got herself all ready without me even saying anything to her. She ate her breakfast and got her teeth brushed, and I don't think I even reminded her once. She was all ready when it was time to go to the bus stop. Thank you Emily Jean - because if you didn't do all that, I don't know what condition you would have been in when I walked you to the bus stop this morning.....

 Emily and her friend Nina - who have been standing at this bus stop together ever since they were little, tiny Kindergarteners.....well, not literally all that time...you know what I mean.
And then she rode off.....I hope she has a GREAT first day!
And then there's Paige. This is a sample of what I saw when I woke her up this morning. At first I thought it was heat rash. But after a trip to the doctor office, we found out that Miss Paige is allergic to sulfa - the sulfa that was in the antibiotic that she took for her mosquito bite that swelled up last week. So, no school for her today, and most likely tomorrow. I've already cried about it. And now, I am just going to accept that this is the hand we have been dealt, and we will deal with it. Oh well. At least she's not all that sad about it - she has no idea what she is missing. And I guess it's true, ignorance is bliss. If this had happened to Emily - oh, my. It would be bad.....maybe worse than the rash itself. So, it's all about perspective!

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