Monday, September 10, 2012

{my two sided girls}

There are two sides to every story. There are also two sides to each of my girls.

This is Emily's serious side. The side that digs into homework right when she gets home from school. The side that gets its feelings hurt so easily. The side that is all business when it comes to rules. The side that is excited about bedtime because that means it's time to read, uninterrupted, for 30 minutes....and sometimes that same side also needs to be reminded to close the book, turn off the lights and go to sleep when it runs 30+ minutes over that bedtime. :) I love that side.

And then there's the CRAZY, SILLY side. This one likes to dance like no one is watching. Seriously. Just think Elaine from Seinfield. This side of Emily is also the one that loves jokes, funny shows on TV, or just can't hold back the giggles when someone says, "underwear". Crazy side loves to sing - LOUDLY. Or even cover herself in mud at the beach. I love this side too.

Where Emily has a serious side....Paige has a CUTE side. Maybe it's a seriously cute side. I don't know what it is..maybe most people think it's just a 5 year old being a five year old...but, my goodness...CUTE. Her cute side is the one that insists a feather boa goes with her PJ's. Or that way she think she's five going on twenty-five. I love this side.

Not to be outdone with her BIG sister, Paige also has a crazy side. This side is very similar to Emily's crazy/silly side. Except for the whole Elaine dance thing. But very much the same on laughing at completely inane things. And also making crazy faces for the camera. I dare say she excels at that. (did I just go British....?)
These pictures are compliments of me playing with metering into the sun last night. And while a lot of people may not love that second picture of Emily - her crazy face and the sun  - that is just what I picture in my head when I think of her. So, at least there's that. :)

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