Monday, August 13, 2012

{farm 2012}

 Last Saturday we made our annual pilgrimage to the Farm for our Family Reunion. And of course, we weren't there but five seconds when Paige made her way to the pile of sand. And there she remained for most of the day. Thankfully, we brought a change of clothes because oh man, those kids sure do get themselves dirty. I think we took home half that sand pile.
 And of course, after lunch, there was bat ball. It's very hard to play bat ball and take pictures at the same time. So bear with me. Here's Kelly at bat. We played Alderman vs. Lashbrook this year.
And Hayley.
 And this year, Emily didn't chicken out. She hit the ball pretty well and even made a fly ball out - all by herself. She called off two people to catch it. It was AWESOME! Go Emily!
Sue was pretty happy about it!
 Paige and Emerson spent lots of time running around the pond.
 Hayley spent lots of time running around the bases. Any guesses as to where she will be going to college?
 Julie sped around the bases as well. I love this picture!
 Who's that?
 The girls found an ant. I think Emerson eventually killed it. Paige wasn't too happy about that....
 Emerson doesn't look to concerned.
 Sue hit the ball well.
Uncle Denny pitched a great game. Even if he did get me out a couple times.
I think Joe hit the ball farther than anyone else. Wow!
 Matt took precautions so he wouldn't roll his ankle again. No major injuries this year. Yea!!
 These girls discussing our win - Alderman 22 - Lashbrook 11
 The girls kept scaring us at the dock.
 And then we took some family pictures. My Uncle Ed took this one.
 Of course, I had to take a jumping picture.
 And I took this one of my Aunt and Uncle.
 And I took this one of the most photogenic family.

 And I kind of love this one.
 And this one too.
 Well heck, this is my fave.
 And I really, really love this one.
 This one would be good if Eric was looking at the camera......oh well.
 The cutest boy ever.
 They played volleyball for over two hours. I was tired just watching them.
 Emily hanging out around the fire pit wanting to know when we were going to do s'mores. And after the s'mores we decided to find out what would happen if we threw some corn from the field on the fire. It didn't pop into anything edible - but it popped all the same. It was kind of cool.
Paige LOVES Redpop. And the farm. And going on adventures all the way to the big oak tree through the corn field - an adventure her Mom chickened out of when Sue told her all about corn spiders....not to mention corn fields are not great for claustrophobia. And she loved the fireworks, flashlight tag, trying field corn right from the field and finding out it doesn't taste all that great - even though her mom had already told her that, and lots and lots of good family memories.

Thank you Aunt Joan! We had the BEST time!

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