Sunday, June 3, 2012



She is nine and a half. She is almost done with third grade. She still loves school, and I can see that she truly has a conflict within her about being excited for summer vacation, and missing school. She checks out an average of 15 books from the library at a time, reads them within a few days, and wants to go get more. She is messy. Her desk is a constant source of conflict between she and I. She is a sensitive, and still cries very easily. AND, she would most likely be very embarrassed that I just told you. She still loves playing softball. She does not, however, like to practice. But, she so very badly needs to. She loves playing with friends over just about anything. She is still very close with her little sister, but needs her space as well - and I totally get that. She gets very excited when she gets to spend alone time with me - which, unfortunately, is not very often. She never stops talking. Never. She does not have a lot of self confidence, and that is something that we will be working on. She makes me proud on a daily basis. She is my first born. She made me a Momma. And we both learn things about that journey everyday.


She is almost five. She, in just a matter of days, will be all done with preschool. She likes school, but much prefers playtime over work-time. She knows all her letters, letter sounds, numbers up to 100, etc...She is a knowledge sponge at this point. She ask 1,786,483 questions everyday. I wish I was exaggerating. She is big into knowing how things are spelled - "Mom, how do you spell: Polly put on your socks?" She is still very strong willed - especially when it comes to her wardrobe. Those who have shopped with her know this. She has developed a fear of the dark and bugs - both of which have kept her up WAY past her bedtime. She is very affectionate. She has this very cute way of saying "Thanks" when you give her a compliment. She still cries like a tiny baby when she gets frustrated. She holds her pencil weird - just like her cousin Kelly. She hates Mexican food. She is not shy around kids - but can be shy around adults. She loves her big sister more than just about anyone. She is very excited about going to Kindergarten. She still lets me carry her around, but is starting to get too heavy and too long to do so comfortably. She is my baby. And she is growing up.

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