Tuesday, May 8, 2012

{kindergarten roundup}

I took Paige to Kindergarten round-up tonight. She was SO EXCITED!! Photobucket
I have been very excited for her. And, let's be honest, I am excited for me too. But sitting there in the LGI room tonight, waiting for the presentation to begin...it began to hit me. My baby is going to Kindergarten in a matter of months. Each and every time one of the teachers referred to Paige as a Kindergartener, something inside me began to swell with a little bit of sadness. Photobucket It feels like no time has passed since I took Emily to school to meet her Kindergarten teacher - Mrs. Hollinsky. Paige was a baby. And now, here we were, in the hallway talking to that very same teacher. But this time, Emily was at her softball game, and Paige was standing next to me. It all became very real. Photobucket
I have often talked about how fast time goes. I just wish I could bottle up these moments, to savor now and at another time. I have all but forgotten what their little voices sounded like as babies, how they smelled after a bath, the feel of their baby soft skin. Wahhhhhhhh! My babies. I miss them so. Photobucket BUT - I LOVE that they both sleep all night (for the most part) - and all the other stuff that goes along with being four and nine......it's just a moment I need, just a moment. Photobucket
For now, I just keep taking pictures, and telling their stories.


Alisha Ritchie said...

You have such beautiful girls. Growing up is a part of life that we don't fully understand until we become parents. Then we begin to appreciate the little moments that make up each and every day with our children.

Beautiful family you have!

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