Tuesday, March 8, 2011



With everything that has happened in the past week, this is the face that got me through it. Of course, there was also another face, just as beautiful, but she goes to school during the day.


This face, along with the face of her sister, is one of love. All I had to do to was look at them, and know that love, life and kindness still exist. And I smile.

Thank you, my girlies. You make every day special.

Especially the days like these - where drawing an octopus is the only thing on our schedule.




And this face....is one that says, "Mom, put the camera away and let's play!".  Okay cutie. No problem.


alex said...

beautiful child
thanks for sharing thoughts..
inspire to make blogs..

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Anonymous said...

Allison, I love the way you love your girls. They are so beautiful in and out. But then again, look at the parents they come from. And who should say that but their grandmother. Of course I love them too!.

Grandma Pilar