Tuesday, March 29, 2011

{Emily's Room Tour}

For my birthday, last week, the girls got me a swanky new point and shoot camera. The Canon that we had was just not cutting it for me lately, and I thought it may be time to try out the new Nikon. So, I gave my old p+s to Emily. She is now a video making fool.

First up - a tour of her room. She also did a tour of Paige's room, but I thought I would save that for another time.

WARNING - this is an eight year old's view of a tour. Don't view this video on a full stomach. You have been warned.


Uranus-y Neptune? I have no idea either.

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Eric said...

Just to be silly I snapped the bottom half of Uranus onto the top half of Neptune, and the bottom half of Neptune onto the top half of Uranus. Hence the Uranus-y Neptune. Emily didn't mention it, but the light on her ceiling fan is the sun.