Friday, January 22, 2010

Top TEN List

Because TODAY is our TEN year wedding anniversary, I thought I would share my favorite memories from our wedding...a TOP TEN list, if you will. And to be fair, they are in no particular order.

1. Having one of the shortest vow ceremonies, EVER. It was so short, even our wedding photographer wasn't prepared and missed photographing the, "Now you may kiss the bride" part. But, its shortness was a blessing to Mr. MacLean, who performed our ceremony - he was suffering from a bad case of laryngitis. So, for him, short equals less pain. Also, a short ceremony equals less time to get all nervous. Before I had any time to think about ALL the people watching us, we were married.

2. Dancing. Lots and lots of it. Even Eric, after imbibing a very strong rum and coke, danced. My Dad, during our dance twirled me around and around, dipped me, and kept stepping on my dress. I kept laughing. And during our first dance, I was singing to Eric....not too embarrassing, except that the videographer was taping the whole thing, and broadcasting the footage on the big screen for all to see. LOVELY.

3. Returning to our table to eat, only to find out that my brand new husband had eaten my food as well as his. No doubt, to suck up some of the previously mentioned drink. But, Man, I was STARVING!!

4. He ate my piece of cake too. In my family, that can be grounds for divorce. And yet here we are, ten years later. That's LOVE baby.

5. Going to the bathroom. It was quite a scene. And, I could not do it alone. Tracy, my matron of honor had to accompany me. In the stall. Please, try not to picture it. No doubt, of the finer moments in our friendship. I think it was a good thing we were in the bathroom - because we were laughing so hard........

6. Handing out the props for the YMCA to our friends. And then, watching them perform. I have a special place in my heart for the sailor and the fireman. I am also glad that I was unable to attend their weddings (not really) because I hear payback is a bitch. :)

7. The Wedding Dance - or whatever it's called. You know, the one where everyone who is married gets up and dances, and then the DJ has them leave the floor based on how many years they have been married. At the end, you give the last couple standing your garter and bouquet. When we discussed doing this with the DJ during our planning, I was 100% sure that my Matron of Honor's parents - Mr. and Mrs. MacLean - would be the last couple standing. Which would have been SO COOL. I LOVE Tracy's parents, and we have a very fun relationship, so the garter thing would have be HILARIOUS....But, oh, how I was wrong. I had COMPLETELY forgotten that my boss and his wife had been married for one year longer. Nothing more embarrassing than having to give your garter to your boss.

Incidentally - he did give it back to me. It was in a plastic baggy on my desk, when I returned from my honeymoon. EWWWWWW!!

8. Having my Michigan family - including BOTH my Grandparents - there. It would not have been the same with out any of them. I LOVED seeing pretty much all of them on the dance floor.

9. The slide show with our favorite pictures playing throughout the reception.

10. Hanging out at Tracy and Ian's house after the reception. A lot of our friends ended up there, and the party continued until the wee hours of the morning....or until sunrise for some of you! What happens at the McCarver's, stays at the McCarver's. :)

Happy Ten Years Eric!! Best decision I made ten years ago, was to say, I DO. You make me a better person. So glad we are together!!

And please, feel free - if you were there - to share your favorite moments of our wedding. I would love to read them and reminisce.


Aunt T said...

Favorites: Table 10 had a great time (maybe too good for some)

Eric said...

It was a great wedding. We should do it all over again. Maybe we can sell the minivan to cover the cost! But looking back, the last 10 years have been a great ride and I wouldn't change a thing.

Linda said...

I was in the stall next to you. It was hilarious! Happy Anniversary again.!