Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Emily's New Desk

I don't know why this is, but it seems to me, that most master bedrooms in most houses don't offer a lot of options in furniture arrangement. There is usually only one place for the bed, and maybe a couple of options for a dresser or armoire, but let's face it - moving the dresser or armoire around isn't all that exciting.

But the other bedrooms - there's usually some better options there. Take Emily's room, for example. I have moved it around in at least four different arrangements. And, do you know what I have found? The best arrangement is the original arrangement. But, had I not tried all the other options, I would not know that having her bed on the south wall is best.

Also, because I moved it all back to it's original position, she now has room for a small desk.

Which only means one thing in our house....IKEA here we come.

So, last Sunday, we loaded up the kiddies in the van and made the one hour trek to our nearest IKEA store. I had already checked inventories online of all pieces/parts to the desk before we left - lest not to leave with a very disappointed seven year old. Everything was in stock. YEA!!!

So, we bought her a top, four legs, a chair, a small desk drawer, a bulletin board, AND her favorite thing - her VERY OWN trash can.

She is one happy girl. She is pretty much parked there all the time - either working on her Legos or her latest artistic piece. She made name signs for all of us - I will have to share Eric's in another post - it's pretty cool.

Anyway - enough of the back story - here are the photos:

Also - she is working REALLY hard on the sullen teenager look.....

But, then, her seven year old self comes right out again. (Thank God!)
So, basically, it's just me and Paige now. Eric is in the basement working, and now, Emily is upstairs in her room, creating - with the door shut, jamming out to Taylor Swift on her MP3 player.

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Anonymous said...

Nice setup! Can you ask her to stop getting so big though? Please? Thanks.