Monday, January 25, 2010


she is: officially two and a half, as of yesterday and is full of independence, which translates to a lot of temper tantrums over things like: putting on shoes (or any article of clothing that wasn't her pick), riding in the grocery cart, getting kicked out of her sisters room, not having the correct spoon with which to eat her cereal, not liking the cereal she just picked out and was ADAMANT that this was the cereal she wanted, wanting to sit on the potty at the most inopportune times, not wanting to sit on the potty...I could go on and on. she is also into acting just like her big sister - she wants to do whatever Emily is doing, eat what she is eating, and play with what she is playing. she is so lovable, and funny. she loves to play with her babies, read books and occasionally will sit and watch a little bit of TV. today she told me that Elmo was her "favorite". she is also into telling me what and who she doesn't like - which can be really embarrassing at times.

she is: just a month into age seven. she is reading at a third grade level. she has had three consecutive perfect scores on her math tests. it's safe to say that she loves school. i could not be happier about that. she is still the silliest girl i know. she still LOVES her stuffed dogs (all 50+ of them). she doesn't suck her thumb anymore. she, lately, is much more willing to try new things, but does not hesitate to complain about doing so. oh yeah, she complains...a lot. she loves playing with her friends, and complains when no one is around. she is addicted to her Nintendo DS. she is seriously addicted to art/creating. she may be ready for some sort of intervention....she does not care about clothes AT ALL. she still lets me pick out her outfit each and every day. she, very recently, starting taking showers all by herself. she LOVES her little sister, except when she gets into her stuff. she loves to help me out by putting Paige to bed (reading her a story and singing her "Twinkle"), and helps me get Paige dressed. she does not like chores, and COMPLAINS when I ask her to do anything extra. she still lets me hug and kiss her anytime I want.

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Anonymous said...

Allison, you look "glamorous" in that picture of the author/photographer!

What to say about the girls?, they are precious, and you really capture "the moment".