Sunday, November 1, 2009

halloween 2009

Halloween 2009 was a success!! I measure this not by how much candy we collect, but by how many shoes, hats, gloves and jackets we end up with by the end of the night - see last year. We arrived home with everything that we brought on our trick-or-treating journey, and then some!! The people that live around here are extremely generous, and we now have more candy than we can eat in a year. I say this now, and by next week, it will probably be half gone!

The before trick or treating pictures. As you can see, NO ONE wants to look at the camera. It's still a cute shot, I think...

She looks so irritated doesn't she?

Finally, a smile!!
This is pretty much the last picture of the night. Paige was so DETERMINED to keep up with the big kids, that she pretty much ran at full speed the whole night. Two hours of trick-or-treating, and we had to bribe her with potato chips so that she would sit in the wagon, and give her old Mom a rest!!! So this means that I have no pictures of the actual trick or treating. Oh well.

Emily's crown stayed on the whole night, thanks to some bobby pins and engineering by our neighbors.

Had to include this one - the girls watching "The Tigger Movie" yesterday afternoon - snuggled up together on the couch. Cute right??
Happy November!!


Anonymous said...

Great job on the pumpkin carving job, son. And beautibul pictures of the granddaughters. They are so pretty!; I can't wait to see them (and their parents too!)

Grandma Pilar

Anonymous said...

The girls look so cute. Emily made a great Statue of Liberty! You guys look like you are doing well, I am glad. Miss that fall weather! Have some cider and apples for me!