Friday, November 13, 2009

walking to the bus stop

Usually, Eric walks to the bus stop in the afternoons to pick up Emily - but yesterday, Paige and I went. Eric is not feeling all that awesome, and I was MORE than HAPPY to get out of the house for a few minutes.

It has been quite a week around here. Emily has been sick with the flu since Sunday - but well enough to go to school yesterday but not today, Eric is now sick with the flu, and I am not feeling quite one hundred percent. We have gone through two boxes of tissue, almost two boxes of Advil Cold and Sinus medication, one bottle of Delsyum, tons of green tea, tons of hand sanitizer, and Lysol wipes.

Needless to say, I am SICK of SICK.

Blue skies, fifty-two degrees and SUNSHINE...SIGN ME UP!!! Add the little one in the stripey tights and you have the perfect walk to the bus stop.

AND - The pouty face makes another appearance.

Have a GREAT weekend! Let's just hope ours is all about WELLNESS!!

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Anonymous said...

Hope everyone feels better soon! We went through about 2 weeks of upper respiratory infections, vommiting, bad colds, and lots of yucky yuck yuckness! I understand, it is no fun. I was exhausted! Luckily it skipped me and got everyone else. Someone needed to be the nurse! Here is to wellness!