Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's a SNAP

The BIG hit of this year's 4th of July - SNAPS. I bought them a few months ago when I saw them in the dollar aisle at Target. They are very hard to find around these parts when you get close to the fourth.

Anyway - Paige and Emily had a whole lot of fun after dinner with them - Paige especially. I was not quite sure how she would react - I thought she might like them, but sometimes she surprises me.

The SECOND after she would throw it on the ground she was right back asking Eric, "Can I have another one Daddy?" It was very cute.

Emily is an SNAP pro.

Paige's reaction after each "pop".

The SNAP dealer.

And then there were sparklers. Now, of course, I didn't let Paige hold one. But she LOVED those too. We had fun taking pictures of ourselves making sparkler circles. And the best part - mosquitoes apparently do not like sparkler smoke!

So much fun!!


Anonymous said...

Those are cool pictures!!! Happy summer!

EatCrowe said...

Paige is sportin' some tan lines!