Monday, July 27, 2009

Paige's Second Birthday party

Okay, so here's the thing - I ALWAYS have the best intentions right before any party - to take pictures of people actually at said party. Then, the party happens, and all I end up with is a mish mosh of pictures that don't really tell the whole story. I guess, when it's at my house, I am pretty busy making sure the food gets out at a reasonable time, people have something to drink, and all the other good stuff that goes with having a party.

So, I present to you - A LOT of pictures of the birthday girl. Which I guess is fair, since it was a party for her. But still. I wish I was very wealthy so I could hire a kick ass photographer to come and take pictures at my parties.

This is not the birthday girl - just her cake. I cannot take all the credit. My Mom had the idea to put the cupcakes below and atop the cake. It turned out perfect. Well, at least I think Paige was impressed.....
The birthday girl on the playset. She was knocked flat on her back TWICE by her big sister on the swing. It was kind of crazy since this almost NEVER happens. And of course, it happens at her party, in front of all my relatives. MOM of the YEAR I tell you. Oh, and in case you are wondering - she was FINE.

I almost never get a shot like this. Smiling, looking at the camera, sparkly eyes....such a pretty girl. Is she really two?

I have been not feeling so hot due to a pinched nerve in my lower back, so a lot of stuff that I meant to do before the party did not get done. Getting Paige a new hat was one. This is last year's hat - but a couple letter and number stickers later - whalah! A BRAND NEW HAT. Such a crafty Mom.

Just like last year - LOVED her birthday song. All smiles.

She even blew out her candles - with a little bit of help.
She ate ALL the frosting, and then crumbled the rest of the cupcake on her tray. It was a fun cleanup.
Is she thinking about another cupcake???

So that's it. I swear there were other people there - you saw me in the candle picture right? My Mom, Grandpa John, Aunt Teresa and Uncle Denny were also there. My Dad and Natalie came too. Cousins Kelly, Julie and sweet, little Emerson - who suffered a bloody lip due to a misplaced Dora scooter - were also there. And of course, Emily, Eric and Max. I swear. You believe me right?
There's always next year right???

(actually - two posts ago, there are a couple pictures from the party with some people other than Paige that I took with my p+s I am not at a complete loss)

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Ann Marie said...

Happy Birthday sweet Paige!