Tuesday, October 13, 2009

my little genius

Sometimes it just absolutely freaks me out at how much my Emily is growing up. Her face just seems to gain maturity with each day. Maybe it's because I look at Paige all day long - she is a mini-Emily, but it still freaks me out all the same.

She's in school all day. She reads. She is a social butterfly - and has no problem making friends anywhere and everywhere. She is a great big sister - and quite proud of that title. She is truly getting a whole sense of herself.

She is still silly. She still cries when she can't find something. She still needs me to pick out her clothes. She still needs us - her parents to guide her. And we are quite happy to do so.....for we know it's fleeting.

My BIG girl had her very first test today - and if this is a measure on how well she will do on future academia - we had better start saving for Ivy League. I know, it's just a math test, basic addition and subtraction, quantities, patterns and such - but still - 100 percent!!!

She could not wait to tell me - the big news was coming out of her mouth the minute she got off the bus this afternoon.

I could not be prouder of my Emily Jean.

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