Sunday, April 12, 2009

Quick Easter Video

I have a few pictures from today - but I thought this video was so stinkin' funny.  Paige was all about the candy this morning.  She figured out - after her BIG sister showed her - that there was candy in the hidden eggs, so she broke one open and QUICKLY shoved as many jelly beans in her mouth as she could before I caught her.  Later on, when her Daddy was showing her what was in each of the eggs that she found, she tried the same thing - to grab the jelly beans and chocolates before Daddy closed up the egg.  The above video is a prime example of this.

Emily also had quite a bit of the sugary stuff this morning - but did not have the Easter morning chocolate hangover that she usually has.  I think she took my advice and paced herself.  She was also really into this new game that the Easter bunny brought called Rush Hour. I highly recommend it for kids and adults alike who are into puzzle solving.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend.  More pictures from today - and yesterdays outing at Comerica park later...

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