Saturday, November 8, 2008

Where's Winter?

The weather this past week has been wonderful and much warmer than you would expect for Michigan in the Fall. We actually had a couple of days of t-shirt weather in November! The warm weather has been a gift we did not take for granted because we know that wintry weather is on its way. You can see the ominous clouds in the photo; those are genuine Winter clouds that we import from Canada. We are listed for possible snow on Sunday, the first of the season. Our maple in the front yard is nearly bare now, but some of the other varieties of local trees drop their leaves later and they are just now bursting with color. It's like a final show of defiance before surrendering to hibernation. I have now made my peace with the fact that Winter is coming. The snow thrower is gassed up and ready to go.


Anonymous said...

Those trees are beautiful!!!! I can't believe it is almost winter! Time is just flying by!

Eric said...

I am thinking I won't be clearing snow anytime soon. We had a few flakes of snow swirling around in the air this morning but it will have to get much colder for them to stick. We see snow falling in temperatures as warm as 40°F but the air temperature has to be no higher than 25°F for the streets to be cold enough to not melt the snow. According to the forecast there is no more snow expected for at least an entire week. The first real snowfall of the season is always a novelty.