Saturday, November 22, 2008

tree lighting

Went to the tree lighting ceremony tonight at Partridge Creek Mall.  It was beautiful.  They do such a gorgeous job with the holiday decorations - specifically tree lights.  They must use millions of LED lights.  On any normal day, or night rather, some of the trees there are all lit up.  But during the Christmas season, every tree, bush, and twig is festooned with lights for a spectacular show.  They have one big Christmas tree - seen above - and then a few more sprinkled throughout the rest of the mall - which is outdoors.  Yes, a mall in Michigan that is outdoors.  It's very interesting shopping there in the very cold months.
Eric didn't think that very many people would be there tonight because of the 25 degree temperature.  Boy, was he wrong.  I am pretty sure the whole town showed up.  We forget that everyone around here is used to this cold.  I didn't think it was too bad.  There wasn't a breeze, so there wasn't a windchill.  It was even a little bit warm with all the people.  On the bad side, the line for Santa was WAY too long, and there was no way I was standing out in the cold, even if it wasn't that bad, waiting for over an hour.  Oh well.

I guess Christmas is coming.  I can't believe that next week at this time our tree will be up and we will be having a lighting ceremony of our own.

Happy Holidays!

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Anonymous said...

I love Emily's hat! You guys all looks so cute all bundled up. That tree is beautiful, I bet that got you all in the mood for the holidays. I just fed Evan, it is 4 am...night! :)