Sunday, November 16, 2008

embracing the season

Snow has been in the forecast for a few days now.  This morning there were just a few flakes milling about.  This afternoon, a few more.  This evening, a lot more - and it stuck.  You could almost hear the collective groan from everyone - autumn is almost a distant memory, winter is knocking at our door.  I don't know what it is - you would think after a couple of winters I would join the cynics.....but I haven't.  Snow is magical - to me at least.  I don't like the overcast days, the bitter cold winds, and the slush that gets on the floor of our garage.  But fresh snow, oh, it can do no wrong.  

So, I look forward to many flakes.  May they stick around until March - when I will ever so politely, willingly trade them for some spring blossoms.

Emily catching some flakes on her tongue
The sweetest child - my Emily.  Her classmate had a birthday on Friday.  He brought each child in the class a couple of chocolate chip cookies.  Emily, knowing that her Daddy LOVES chocolate chip cookies, only ate one of her cookies, and brought the other one home for her Dad.  So thoughtful.  I got a little teary.
Hopefully I will have some better snow pictures tomorrow - it didn't really start any sort of accumulation until 5 pm, and by then it was too dark to get a really good picture.

(oh, and I changed my blog format - the old one was not colorful enough for me...hope you like it)


EatCrowe said...

I like the new format!

Ingrid said...

What a sweet girl! I'm such a proud aunt.