Monday, March 26, 2012

{39 things about Me}

1. i LOVE iced tea/lemonade. i drink it all day, everyday.
2. and while we're on the subject of body can't tolerate alcohol. at all. it kinda sucks.
3. i am always in the middle of reading some book.
4. cake is my most favorite dessert.
5. i don't really like to pick favorites.
6. i can't stand piles, but somehow they appear all over my house.
7. i am a really good cook.
8. i am a really bad gardener.
9. i am shy.
10. my favorite color is: all of them. i told you, i don't like to pick favorites.
11. if i never had to do laundry again, i would be so happy.
12. i never thought that i would have two girls.
13. i would rather buy clothes for my kids than myself.
14. i have to create stuff to keep my sanity.
15. i can't stand it when someone doesn't say a word or phrase correctly, but it drives me nuts when someone corrects me.
16. i am not perfect.
17. i am addicted to sugar. the first step is admitting it, the second is eating an entire roll of Sweetarts.
18. i am a backseat driver.
19. i miss driving a car with a manual transmission.
20. i never thought i would say that - especially when i was learning to drive one.
21. i can't leave the house without first taking a shower.
22. and while we're on that note - i wash my hair everyday. apparently, it's some sort of sin.
23. i had a great childhood. and for those of you who told me that moving to Brazil would be an adventure, you were right. sorry it took me so long to tell you that.
24. i am turning into my Mom more and more everyday. and because i think she's one of the best people i know, i am good with that.
25. i am addicted to Angry Birds.
26. i would love to dress better, but i have a very boring sense of style.
27. i stink at geometry.
28. i still love roller coasters.
29. i still love Disneyworld.
30. i know this is crazy - but i am actually looking forward to turning 40.
31. i have never lied about my age. actually, that's not true. i once told a class i was teaching that i was 81. they believed me.
32. I almost typed 82 just now.
33. i would love to someday open up a cafe that serves soup, sandwiches, salads and slices of cake.
34. i would not turn one down, see #4 and #17, but cupcakes kind of annoy me.
35. i could tell the birth stories of my girls over and over again.
36. somedays, i think i am the worst mom.
37. somedays, i think i am the best mom.
38. i miss my Grandma Clara everyday.
39. i can't believe i finished.......

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