Tuesday, October 18, 2011

{she is...}

slightly out of focus. but that's because she's just too darn busy to stop for one nano-second and be photographed. I took this picture last week after she got a much needed haircut. But she was too preoccupied to stop for photography. she ran for class representative a couple weeks ago. i was so proud. i for sure thought that she would decide not to do it once I read that she would have to give a speech in front of her whole class. but, she didn't even hesitate. she was full on excited. we helped her with her speech, made a poster and sent her off to washington...i mean, school. of course, i told her that student council elections are basically a popularity contest, and to not be too disappointed if she didn't win. and she didn't. and of course, she was a bit disappointed. but she is totally excited about trying again next year! she currently has straight a's - and is very proud of it - as is her momma. she is pretty much done with fall softball - she does have a rain make-up, which will be played idon'tknowwhen. she is going to be a 50's girl for halloween - but her costume is yet to be made. she is still my silly, silly Emily.


she is loving school. she loves her teacher, loves her classmates, and loves it when she has homework. she wants to do it the minute we get home. she loves coloring, playing with her stuffed animals, playing with her big sister, and dancing. we recently had to re-instate the booster chair at the dinner table because she is just way too squirrel-ly and took HOURS to eat her meals. literally HOURS. she is big time into spelling words, and talking about numbers. and I was so worried about her academically....she is the definition of CUTE. but she does have some very un-cute moments too. she is always ready for a hug, a kiss, or an "i love you". she is a day brightener for sure.

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