Friday, October 7, 2011



No, she didn't really watch the game last night - that beautiful, wonderful, stressful, nail-biting, stomach churning, watch while hiding behind your hands baseball game. That game where the Tigers beat those dang Yankees. Barely. But they did it. She didn't get to see those back to back home runs in the first inning. Nor did she get to see Valverde's dance at the end of the ninth. And, oh what a dance it was. She didn't get to see the champagne celebration that drenched the Yankee visitor clubhouse. She slept through it all. But when I told her this morning that the Tigers won and now they get to go play Texas, she asked if it was okay if she wore her Tiger shirt today. She may not yet understand the game - but the girl knows how to celebrate!

Two celebrations down, two to go.....GO TIGERS!!!!

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