Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Emily is SEVEN today. Actually, she'll be 7 at 7pm. But....we started celebrating this morning.

But first, on Sunday night, she left me this note:

Okay, Emily. Queen for the day it is.....

And because there wasn't really time for birthday pancake this morning...we had birthday scrambled eggs.
We made "E" cookies for her birthday treat at school today. There will be much celebrating tonight - we will be having dinner at her favorite place, Red Robin, and then chocolate cake, ice cream and presents at home.

Happy Birthday to my sweet, crazy, silly, creative, imaginative, super-smart, super-adorable, girl. I can't believe seven years have passed since the day you were born.

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Mary-Frances said...

Happy Birthday Emily!!!!! 7 years. I can not believe how much time has passed. We miss you and hope you have a special day !! Love the Cayuso's