Tuesday, February 10, 2009


On Saturday the temperatures reached about 50 degrees - which was a celebration for us. Emily was only too happy to go out and frolic in the melting snow. Unfortunately, her rain boots do not offer a lot of protection when you are stomping around in a few feet of snow. She came inside with very wet jeans, socks and very COLD feet. She was not happy when I told her she needed to stay inside and warm up.
On Sunday, the warm temperatures stuck around, as did the sun, so Emily managed to get in a little bike riding and roller skating.
After all that activity, she needed a snack - which she shared with her sister.  Fruit by the foot, in case you are wondering. It's like a fruit roll up, just skinnier and longer.
This is from yesterday.  She made art with her lunch.  She did have a cream cheese sandwich, but she already ate that. I think she has found a new medium.
Have a good week!

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Anonymous said...

I like the picture of Emily running in the snow. How is kindergarten? Hope you guys are well.