Monday, August 5, 2013

{july 2013}

A very good friend of mine reminded me that I hadn't updated the old blog in quite a while. So, instead of doing a bunch of posts with a few pictures each, I am doing one post with a BUNCH of pictures. Basically a memory card dump from this past July.

Paige got the game headbandz for her birthday party - the friend party. We've been having fun with it.

I kinda can't believe that softball season is already over. This summer has been a very rainy one, which means one thing - rainouts. Six of them for Emily's team. This was after one of the very rare regularly scheduled games. 

The pool has been a big hit again this summer - when it's not too cold to swim, or raining......

My girls are NUTS. What can I say.

Sparklers of the fourth - always a good time.

 Summer is my favorite season for a few reasons - one of them is play-doh OUTSIDE. :)

 Watching a baseball game with Mom and Dad while Emily is at a sleepover.

Emily is outstanding in the softball field.

 we've had lots of fun experimenting with new hairstyles.

 Crazy hat day at VBS. The rare cowboy bunny made an appearance.

AirTime trampoline park courtesy of their Auntie.

Cousin time at Paige's family b-day party.

 T-Ball practice.

Paige turns SIX!

 Like I said, my kids are NUTS.

Emily and her softball team get recognized at their banquet. They came in third place in their division - really tied for second. Great season!

 Squirt zone at Metrobeach.

Sack races at Emily's softball team picnic.

Hope this hold y'all for awhile!

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