Monday, October 8, 2012

{taking stock}

I had one of those days today. One of those days that pretty much made me wish i had a re-boot button. But, even though today was not one of my most favorites, I know that I am a very lucky girl. I am so lucky because even on my hardest of days, I still get to be Emily and Paige's Mom. And that may sound so strange because sometimes my days can be hard BECAUSE I am Emily and Paige's Mom.
But, with all of my heart, I signed up for this. I signed up for all the good days, and I even signed up for the bad. WHY? Because, and now this is going to sound so completely corny, I wanted to be Emily and Paige's Mom more than just about anything. So, I'll take it. And, I am pretty sure that most of the Moms that I know would say the same thing.
These girls can turn a very bad day, like today, and make me forget why I was even upset in the first place. There are books to read aloud, hugs and cuddles to give, homework to check, dinner to make, words to spell, blankies to find and fears to quiet. 
 My girls. My pride. My joy. My peace. My love. My everything. My little piece of heaven right here.
 A day like today, makes you stop and take stock. What really matters? What really counts?
 And I keep coming up with the same answer - my family.
 If you haven't taken stock of what really matters to you, I suggest that you take a moment and do so.
 And I truly hope that you can feel as lucky as I do.


Nicki Ledesma said...

Love this!! The girls are beautiful! I know EXACTLY what you mean...the whole post! My kiddos are the most wonderful blessings!

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jennifer anderson said...

they are very photogenic